Seychelles: Cycling Activity Holiday

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Cycling in Seychelles is more or less limited to the three main islands. Mountain bikers may find tempting tracks through the jungle in many locations, but specialized rental bikes are usually only available through larger hotels and resorts. On La Digue, bicycles are the main method of transport. Cyclists will share the winding roads with ox carts and a small handful of vehicles. Most able visitors will be able to handle the gradual changes in elevation on this slow-paced island, perhaps with a little huffing and puffing at points. On Praslin, rent your two wheels at Anse Volbert (Côte d’Or) or through your accommodation. You'll face more hills and barrelling buses, but fit and confident bikers will have fun. On Mahé, cycling is not a very viable transportation option.

Cyclists must share the very steep, winding roads with considerable vehicle traffic, and since most visitors prefer car rental, it's difficult to even find a bike to rent. When planning a cycling trip to Seychelles, remember that (apart from La Digue) cyclists are relatively few, there are no bike lanes, and other traffic combined with difficult hills will present a significant challenge.