Seychelles: Family Holiday

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A family holiday in Seychelles is a sandy, sunny experience filled with gecko sightings, ferry rides, swimming and low-key exploring. Buses, inter-island ferries and many tourist attractions offer reduced fares/entrance fees for children. Likewise, a significant number of hotels and resorts in Seychelles offer free or reduced accommodation and meal plans for youngsters under a certain age.

Alternatively, renting a self-catering establishment will enable families visiting Seychelles to save on food costs and cater to the picky eaters at the table. You may choose to hire a vehicle on the main islands of Mahé and Praslin and spend lazy days visiting beaches at your own pace, eating ice cream and fresh fruit, and enjoying the relaxation of Seychelles' family-friendly atmosphere. Your travel agent or accommodation proprietor can help identify beaches that are best for children at the time of your visit; prevailing winds will naturally affect the choppiness of the sea.

Those with a larger holiday fund can make one of the smaller Seychelles islands their home-base, where many luxurious resorts offer kids' clubs and/or assistance planning excursions appropriate for families. Visitors travelling with older children will find plenty to keep their teens busy, from water-sports like windsurfing, diving, snorkelling and para-gliding to petting giant tortoises. Overall, family holidays in Seychelles will leave you with warm, sunny memories of beautiful beaches, exotic wildlife and the fun of exploring a tropical paradise together.