Seychelles: Touring - Driving holiday

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Visitors who want the convenience of exploring at their own pace, who have limited time and/or who are travelling with small children will benefit most from renting a car in Seychelles. There are over 550 cars and mini mokes (small, often topless jeeps) for hire on Mahé, and a limited number on Praslin.

You can choose from several scenic drives during a touring holiday in Seychelles. Mahé, in particular, offers a number of picturesque roads studded with beaches and other attractions. The Sans Souci road crosses the Morne Seychellois mountain and passes through vast tea plantations en route to Port Glaud. Also notable is the winding coastal road that follows Mahé's southern shores, passing by outstanding beaches like Intendance, Takamaka and Soleil.

Driving is on the left in Seychelles, and is not for the timid. Bear in mind that road beds, while in relatively good shape, can be 30-40 centimetres above the shoulder. Mountain roads are very narrow and twisty, corners are often blind, and local buses come fast and furious – in fact, you may have to stop and reverse to allow buses past the most constricted switch-backs. Be prepared for a lack of road discipline and often oblivious pedestrians.

Advance reservations with rental companies are wise, especially during busy periods. Hire is on an unlimited mileage basis and the price usually includes Third Party insurance and tax. Expect to pay € 40 - 50 a day for a modest hatchback on Mahé; add about € 10 to € 15 per day on Praslin. Prices will be lower for mini mokes and higher for SUV's and chauffeured vehicles. Victoria's tourist centre has a list of companies, or you can book through your hotel or guest-house. The major companies also have offices at the airport. Pay for your rental in cash, preferably euros.