Seychelles: Well-being and Spa

Book your ticket to paradise

Whether you're cocooned in a secluded mountain-side spa overlooking the ocean or wrapped in 5-star resort luxury, Seychelles’ spas offer the ultimate in rejuvenating holidays. What better place to relax and refresh yourself, body and soul, than an unspoilt tropical paradise? Seychelles spa holidays have it all: exceptional treatments, stunning locales, year-round vitamin-D streaming from the sky and fresh, tropical fruit hanging from virtually every tree. You'll begin to de-stress the moment your plane touches down, and as the laid-back Creole culture enfolds you, you'll wonder why you waited as long as you did to book your Seychelles well-being retreat.

Offering blissful massages, scrubs, facials, detoxification baths and invigorating wet-treatments, not to mention a full range of beauty and grooming services, Seychelles’ spas are world-class. Prices range depending on the establishment; note that visitors must pay in euros at hotels and resorts, so factor in the exchange rate, if necessary, when you're planning your Seychelles spa holiday budget.

To find the perfect Seychelles spa getaway, research hotels and resorts on-line. Perhaps you want a location on an exclusive tropical atoll, where you can practice yoga on deserted beaches with just a few timid sand-crabs for company. Or, maybe you want accommodation that's closer to nature reserves, hiking trails and local restaurants. Whatever amenities you seek, you'll find the perfect place to enhance your well-being in Seychelles.