Seychelles: Bus Tours

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have a week or so, you can easily visit the main attractions of Seychelles without a formal bus tour, using a combination of rental cars, public buses, ferries, taxis and bicycles.

If your holiday time is limited, there are a handful of experienced tour companies offering bus tours on the main islands of Mahé and Praslin; these often include transfers to inter-island ferries and water-taxis. It is also possible to book a Seychelles bus tour as a day excursion from major hotels and resorts.

On Mahé, you have a range of attractions to choose from, including a working tea plantation, the lively market in Victoria, and various beaches including Beau Vallon, a popular spot with plenty of tourist amenities.

On Praslin, you cannot miss the beautiful primordial forest called Vallée de Mai, home to an infamous Seychelles cultural icon, the coco de mer palm. Another popular side-trip on Praslin is Anse Lazio, a naturally stunning beach where you'll put your camera batteries to the test. Sight-seeing in Seychelles would not be complete without a trip to La Digue, an island where time slows down and where the traditional ox cart and bicycle are still the main modes of transport.

Here, you will find one of the world’s most famous – and certainly most-photographed – beaches, Anse Source d’Argent, along with fascinating sights such as a cemetery of the first settlers, a giant tortoise pen and a lovely plantation house.