Seychelles: Fishing

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Seychelles boasts some of world's richest fishing grounds. Visitors enjoy outstanding sport-fishing for a variety of species in crystal-clear, uncrowded waters. Magnificent trophy sailfish and marlin together with shark, giant barracuda, rainbow-runner and wahoo make Seychelles a fisher's dream, regardless of his or her experience-level. World records for pacific bonito and dog-tooth tuna have already been set in Seychelles waters: could you be the next to win glory?

A variety of charter boats and fishing excursions allow visitors to tailor a Seychelles fishing expedition according to their own priorities. Deep-sea fishing is a major attraction in Seychelles, and apart from a handful of marine parks, you can fish everywhere without a license or training. The big-game fishing season in Seychelles runs from September through May: species include tuna, trevally, swordfish, barracuda, milkfish, sailfish, pompano, wahoo and marlin. The Outer Islands, especially the areas around St. Francois and St. Joseph atolls, attract salt-water fly-fishers from around the world. Visitors should note that spear fishing in Seychelles is illegal.

One of the best ways to hone in on great catches in Seychelles is to rent a boat with an experienced skipper. A popular guided expedition is to Turcos Bank, where abundant tuna, jack, dorado, barracuda, streaker, kingfish, sailfish and marlin will compete for your line. You can even stop along the way and try the local method of fishing – ‘palangrotte,’ or bottom-fishing. This involves literally ‘fishing off the bottom' by baiting a long, weighted line which is allowed to drift to the ocean floor to a depth of about 50 metres. Many visitors are surprised at the range of fish that will bite, including groupers, bream, rock cod, barracuda, emperors, snappers and shark.

Another exciting fishing adventure in Seychelles involves night fishing for 'bekin,' or pick-handled barracuda. If you land one of these, you'll be the hero of the BBQ the following night. Seychelles fishing holidays offer both novice and experienced fishers the opportunity to try new methods and angle for a wide variety of big-game species in the midst of gorgeous tropical scenery. With beautiful beaches, great hikes and a range of exciting water-sports on offer, you can even make your fishing trip to Seychelles a family affair.