Seychelles: Helicopter Trips

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A Seychelles helicopter trip is a fast way to island-hop, with the added benefit of stunning views. Many 5-star Seychelles resorts can arrange for helicopter transfers, allowing guests to travel direct from the international airport to their secluded island retreat. Visitors can also take a ride purely for sight-seeing purposes: the tropical shades and textures of Seychelles jungles, beaches and mountain ranges are stunning from above. Most sight-seeing helicopter rides in Seychelles buzz around the main islands of Mahé, La Digue and Praslin, with the option of visiting other nearby islands like Curieuse and Cousine. Other helicopter trips in Seychelles can be tailor-fit to shuttle your party between specific attractions on different islands. Arrange your Seychelles helicopter trip from the main island of Mahé, and keep in mind that shuttle or transfer trips typically require a minimum of 2 passengers. Sightseeing by helicopter in Seychelles ranges in cost from € 380 to 4000.