Seychelles: Sailing

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From pre-planned half-day or full-day trips to individually-tailored, multi-day itineraries, many options are available for sailing trips in Seychelles. Operators offer cruises, captained yachts and other boat rental plans so you can choose the Seychelles sailing trip that's right for you. Sailboat and yacht charters in Seychelles are not cheap, but the costs are much more reasonable when shared amongst a group travelling together.

Sailing charters in Seychelles allow you to visit the top beaches on the three main islands, as well as the untouched, golden sands of many other islands in the archipelago. Curieuse is known for its population of giant tortoises, and coral islands like Bird and Denis shelter seabird colonies and nesting turtles. These islands are located at the edge of the shallow Seychelles bank where the ocean floor drops away and where world-class fishing, snorkelling and scuba-diving will impress the most well-travelled visitors. When it's dinner time, fry up your very own catch-of-the-day in Creole spices, or drop anchor and visit an al fresco terrace on-shore. Whatever the length of your journey, a sailing holiday in Seychelles will be a magical experience.