Seychelles: Surfing

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Seychelles surfing is starting to garner worldwide attention. You might not get the biggest waves in the world, but you also won’t have to contend with the crowds that so many popular surfing hangouts attract. Both right and left breaks can be found on Seychelles surfing beaches, and though the rollers here aren’t often big, they are good fun and present opportunities for both the novice and seasoned surfer to enjoy a great day on the waves.

Generally, May through September is the best time to enjoy surfing in Seychelles, though it really depends on which beach you’re hitting; conditions will vary from one side of an island to another, depending on prevailing winds and other factors. Luckily, there are a plethora of beaches in Seychelles and the islands are small, so you can easily try out a number of spots to find the most ideal conditions. The best places to go surfing in Seychelles are Mahé and Praslin islands, the only two islands in Seychelles where you can rent a car and explore on your own. On Mahé, beaches like Grand Anse, Beau Vallon and Anse Bougainville are popular spots.

The beaches on the eastern side of Mahé tend to offer the most consistent waves, with those on the western side being a bit more finicky but offering the biggest payoff from time to time. Head out to one of the smaller, less-developed Seychelles islands for surfing, and you’ll probably incur a rather large bill getting you and your board there. If your budget permits, however, it's great to have that next big breaker all to yourself.