Seychelles: Costs

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Seychelles Costs

Travel costs in Seychelles can add up but there are a few cheaper options if you need to economize. Car rentals are pricey at € 40 – 70 per day, but will help you maximize your time on Mahé and Praslin. If you are on a leisurely schedule, forgo a car and take local buses, which are relatively efficient and very cheap. Taxi fares can also add up, but if you have more than a backpack and you don't have access to a tour bus or hotel shuttle, they are your best option for travelling to and from accommodation and the airport/jetty on Mahé, Praslin, and to a limited extent, La Digue. Be sure to agree on a price before you ride; meters are installed in Mahé and Praslin taxis but are not popular with the drivers and are usually switched off.

On La Digue, abled visitors will walk and cycle everywhere with relative ease. Bikes can be hired quite cheaply on Praslin, but are less common on Mahé. Note that Mahé and Praslin have much busier and steeper roads than La Digue.

Island-hopping costs can also put a dent in your Seychelles vacation budget, and must be paid in euros. If you're trying to save money, consider the Cat Cocos ferry service between Mahé and Praslin, and between Praslin and La Digue, instead of flights or helicopter rides. Prices are lower and you won't have to contend with a luggage limit. However, if you're pressed for time, the flights will save you precious minutes in each direction and make more sense if you're heading for the international airport anyway.

Likewise, keep in mind that hiring small boats to take you to islands off Mahé, Praslin and La Digue can add to your Seychelles holiday costs, particularly if islands have marine park or landing fees.

The official currency is the Seychelles Rupee, and it comes in notes of SR100, SR50, SR25 and SR10 as well as many coins. Be careful with SR50 and SR10 notes which are similar in colour and easy to mix up. Credit cards are widely accepted throughout Seychelles, with Visa and MasterCard the most commonly accepted.

Foreign exchange regulations require visitors to use foreign currency in making payments in hotels, guest-houses and for other holiday-related expenses such as hiring of cars or boat, the services of tour operators or travel agents, patronage of casinos and domestic transfers within Seychelles. Changing foreign currency on the black market is illegal. To change rupees back into foreign exchange, you must keep your bank receipts. You will get a higher rate of exchange for travellers' cheques than for currency and it is better at banks than at hotels. The Saymore Bureau de Change located by the customs exit offers the most competitive rate.

Typical prices in rupees:

Taxi from airport into Victoria: 150-300; € 10 - 15
Victoria to Beau Vallon: 100-200
Beau Vallon to Airport: 400-600
Local bus fare: 7
Takeout meal of fish and chips: 36
Samosas: 5
Can of coke: 15
Basic pizza: 40
Burger at the beach: 25
Entrees at Pirate Arms: 80-120
Coffees at News Cafe: 30-50
One hour of online time: 36
Postcards: 3.75-5
Postcard postage: 7
Low end T-shirts: 160