Seychelles: Chalets

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Guest-houses, bungalows, bed-sitters, chalets, cottages or villas in Seychelles – call them what you will, the islands offer them in abundance and at varying price points. When business is slow, you may be able to bargain for a discount at many Seychelles guest-houses. Some establishments are charmingly kitschy, while others are sleek and impeccably decorated. Amenities also vary widely; it's great to find a guest-house offering snorkel gear, bike rental, a BBQ grill or extra beach towels. Most visitors do not find an issue with cleanliness, but keep in mind that insects are a fact of life in a tropical environment.

Most Seychelles guest-houses and chalets include breakfast in their price, which can range from € 60 per double-occupancy room, per night, to well over € 300. Some Seychelles accommodation options offer half-board (breakfast and dinner) plans, and informally, proprietors can usually arrange for a local cook to prepare a cheap and tasty Creole-style dinner or picnic lunch for you. Some guest-houses and chalets in Seychelles look out on exquisite beaches, while others are located a bit more inland and offer secluded, foliage-draped surroundings. Be sure to inquire about air conditioning if you are sensitive to the heat. Some Seychelles guest-houses and villas offer online bookings and web-sites, but telephone calls will often secure the best deals.

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