Seychelles: Hotels

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In general, hotels in Seychelles do not come cheap. The islands have a range of luxury properties with all the amenities you'd expect: spas, restaurants, beach loungers, sports facilities and excursions. Mid-range hotels in Seychelles are less common as this accommodation niche is dominated by guest-houses. A few visitors do not find the impeccable attention to detail in Seychelles that they experience elsewhere, which can be disappointing when you've paid 5-star prices. However, most visitors are too distracted by the natural beauty surrounding Seychelles hotels to worry about anything else.

The majority of Seychelles hotels have direct access to the sea and many of the luxury properties are located on semi-private or private islands with a jungle backdrop, silver-sand beaches and hammocks strung between palm trees. Alphonse, Anonyme, Bird Island, D'Arros, Denis Island, Desroches, Frégate and Silhouette are just a few of the tiny islands playing host to a handful of exclusive Seychelles hotels. Expect to pay between € 150 – 300 per double-occupancy room for mid-range options, and much more for 5-star properties. Online bookings for hotels in Seychelles are frequently possible.

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