Sharm el Sheikh: History

Palm trees, turquoise skies & majestic mountains

Sharm el Sheikh History

Originally little more than an occasional base for local fishermen, Sharm el Sheikh’s enviable location at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula attracted the attention of the Egyptian Navy who transformed it from a backwater fishing spot into to a naval port.

The prominent strategic position led to the port being invaded by Israel in 1956 and again in 1967. It was under Israeli rule in the 70’s that Sharm got its first taste of tourism although development was on a small scale. International pressure saw the area return to Egyptian control in 1982 and soon after, plans were put in place to develop the area for tourism.

Heavy investment was pumped into Sharm el Sheikh and the town’s popularity as a tourist destination grew steadily. Before long the area had become a favourite destination for sun worshippers and divers from Europe and beyond. The city hit headlines around the world in 2005 when 64 people were killed in Sharm el Sheikh by terrorists.

With tourism being imperative to the area’s survival, the Egyptian authorities stepped up security in the area massively and there’s still a heavy police presence in the city today. This has meant that tourists have flocked back to the area in their millions as security is now incredibly high.

The city is sometimes referred to as the City of Peace due to the various peace summits which have been held in the city in the past.