Sharm el Sheikh: Useful Information

Palm trees, turquoise skies & majestic mountains

Sharm el Sheikh Useful Information

- Baksheesh means tip and you’ll hear this word a lot in your time in Egypt. Always try and keep plenty of small notes with you for baksheesh for hotel staff, taxi drivers etc.

- Small change is like gold dust in Egypt. Few people will be willing to give you change for a large note and you’ll find yourself forever needing it (mainly for baksheesh). Try to get your hands on as much small change as possible and use it wisely.

- If you’re flying into Sharm el Sheikh on a package tour, you won’t need a visa. If you’re flying into Cairo or another major city in Egypt and plan to travel overland to Sharm el Sheikh, you must get a visa. This can be bought at the airport upon arrival.

- Your passport must be valid for at least six months prior to your visit to Egypt.

- The country dialling code for Egypt is 20.

- The Area code within Egypt for Sharm el Sheikh is 062.

-.You won’t find bus stops in the city. To catch a public bus, simply wave it down wherever you happen to be.