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South Africa Culture and Arts

Culture and Arts holiday in South Africa

Many years ago, the streets of South Africa’s major towns were alive with the sound of marching feet, as those from various walks of life and races stood up against the unjust laws of the apartheid state. This ‘cultural struggle’ was symbolised by images of defiance painted on walls, portrayed on stages and printed on t-shirts and badges. Art became a weapon in the struggle to make people aware of the realities of South African society under apartheid. Today you can share in the historical, political and cultural memories of a country reborn.

South Africa has holds a number of Art Festivals throughout the year such as the National Arts Festival, which takes place in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape each July. As well as mainstream art, opera and theatre, there are fringe and student components to the festival, including theatre performed in many of the languages spoken in South Africa. The big Arts Alive Festival is held in Johannesburg in September and October. This is a great time to hear excellent music, on and off the official programme.