South Africa: Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

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South Africa Scuba Diving Activity Holiday

Scuba diving Holiday in South Africa

Whether you want to dive with sharks and wrecks on rugged wild coasts, or simply relax with whales and dolphins and enjoy pristine coral reefs and abundant wildlife, scuba diving in South Africa is fast growing in popularity. All major organization's qualifications are recognized and good quality scuba dive gear is easily hired and foreign divers are welcomed with typical South African hospitality and are without exception made to feel at home.

South Africa is one of the cheapest and most popular places in the world to get an internationally recognised open-water scuba diving certificate, with courses at all the coastal cities as well as a number of other resorts. The most rewarding scuba diving is along the St Lucia Marine Reserve in northern KwaZulu-Natal coast, where 100,000 dives go under every year for its rays, sharks, wrecks, whales, dolphins, coral reefs and fluorescent fish. The Cape Province, with its huge number of sunken vessels, makes wreck diving and great white shark diving popular activities among both locals and visitors. You can also encounter the swaying rhythms of giant kelp forests.