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South Africa History

History of South Africa

From Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years to the Battle Fields Route - the famous battle sites of the Anglo-Boer and Anglo-Zulu wars - the history of South Africa comes alive when travelling through its cities and towns. South Africa's rich history dates back to some of the earliest human settlements in the world. Heritage sites such as the Apartheid Museum will give you a glimpse of the violence of South Africa's past and the miracle of its people’s reconciliation.

The history of South Africa is in large one of increasing racial divisiveness. To quote the title of Nelson Mandela's 1994 autobiography, it has been a “long walk to freedom”. From the European invasions, the settlement by Dutch, the imposition of British rule, the many internecine wars for control of the nation, the institution of apartheid, and at long last, freedom for all South Africans in 1994, the history of South Africa documents the brave struggle of its people in their fight against decades of colonisation and the racism that followed. Today it can be seen as a journey through immense obstacles towards the formation of a single nation whose vision of unity and common purpose is now capable of realisation.