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South Africa Population

Population of South Africa

South Africa’s heritage continues to shape the country in a significant way. The country was organised to the advantage of the whites so it is not hard to gain an extremely white-orientated experience of Africa. This is evidential in the design of urban spaces where African areas (predominately the poorest) are either far off the main tourist track or tucked out of sight. South Africa’s population however cannot be simply reduced to black and white. It is a nation of over 47-million people of diverse origins, cultures, languages and beliefs. The country’s majority group are the Africans comprising 79.6% of the total population (just over 38 million). The white population is estimated at 4.3-million (9.1%), the coloured population at 4.2-million (8.9%) and the Indian/Asian population at just short of 1.2-million (2.5%).