Switzerland: Sailing Activity Holiday

A summer and winter sports paradise

Switzerland Sailing Activity Holiday

Switzerland, with its choice of lakes, is a wonderful destination for a sailing holiday. The best season for sailing is between May and September. You may find there are no boats for hire the rest of the time as weather on the mountain-ringed lakes can be unpredictable. Even during season, always take heed of local advice, and keep a good eye out for signs of weather changes – storms can whip up very quickly. Whether you want to learn to sail a dinghy, get the kids to learn the ropes, take out a yacht yourself or charter a crew to take you off on a trip, the Swiss lakes are the place to be.

If you stay in a hotel at the lakes in Switzerland, they may be able to organise your boat hire for you. If you are booking a sailing course of any kind, ensure that there are English-speaking instructors, as all Swiss sailing qualifications are carried out in German.