Switzerland: Skiing - Snow Boarding

A summer and winter sports paradise

Switzerland Skiing - Snow Boarding

Switzerland was the birthplace of skiing holidays, when the English arrived and began to make skiing a sport of the elite. Switzerland is still home to many traditional ski towns that have changed little over the decades. Arosa, for instance, is an original resort at the end of a winding mountain road and has some of the most luxurious, grand old hotels in the Alps.

Klosters in Switzerland shares the slopes with the bustling Davos, but it is a quiet, chalet-style area with old restaurants and hotels. In the Jungfrau region you can ski beneath the Jungfraujoch and its glacier, or in the shadow of the Eiger. Many ski resorts in Switzerland are car-free, including the hugely popular Zermatt, which nestles beneath the Matterhorn.

The skiing is dramatic, and visitors to Switzerland arrive by train and either walk or get to their hotel by horse-drawn sleigh. The scenery and weather in Switzerland are idyllic, with fresh powdery snow perfect for snowboarding and endless backdrops of snow-laden evergreen trees surrounding the runs. There are dozens of resorts across the Swiss Alps for the prospective snowboarder to choose from. Resorts for snowboarding are mostly in the South of Switzerland, and are about 2-3 hours away from Zurich by public transport.