Switzerland: Wine Tasting Holiday

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Switzerland Wine Tasting Holiday

The vineyards of Switzerland are not renowned for their vintages, yet the clever Swiss create a variety of wines they prefer to keep for themselves (only about 1% is exported outside of the canton they’re bottled in). Switzerland produces more than 200 million bottles a year, so the Swiss know and enjoy their native wines.

The cantons of Valais and Vaud are chief producers of wine in Switzerland. Cressier, outside of Neuchatel, is known for its family-run caves. Here you can arrange a personal tour of their facilities and enjoy a private tasting at your leisure. For a sampling of wines from several local vintners, try Maison Vallier, which sponsors a group tasting. Switzerland is also home to wine festivals, where the first batch of a certain year’s wine are ready to taste. Food is also available from many vineyards, which cook barbecues during these type of festivals

While you’re in Switzerland you could also venture towards Vevey (about 15 minutes from Montreux) and take the Winetrain through the vineyards of Lavaux.