Switzerland: Cycling - Mountain Biking

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Switzerland Cycling - Mountain Biking

Cycling and mountain biking in Switzerland is probably not something taken on lightly, especially considering some of the terrain you are likely to encounter. However, there will be some easy routes available, such as cycling routes in the cities, and along the promenades of the lakes in Switzerland.

The good news is that good mountain bikes can be rented at most mainline stations, and a check of the Switzerland Tourism website offers a searchable selection of cycling routes depending on your fitness, technical ability and the altitude you wish to reach. In 1998, the tourist authorities opened up nine national long-distance cycle routes that crisscross Switzerland on 3300km of dedicated signposted paths mostly well away from traffic.

Tourist offices in Switzerland can give you a map of all nine routes, and information in English on each one, as well as maps showing other cycle routes within their region or city.