Switzerland: Food and Drink

A summer and winter sports paradise

Switzerland Food and Drink

Switzerland brings a combination of food cultures together, so in Ticino, which is closer to Italy, you may enjoy a variety of pasta dishes and great coffee, while in the snowy Alps you might want to try a Swiss fondue, made from molten cheese, into which you dip small pieces of bread, Very popular in ski resports.

Switzerland is also very famous for its muesli – ‘Birchermuesli’ was invented around 1900 by Dr Bircher, a pioneer of the biological health medicine and an early promoter of unprocessed food that retains its full nutritional value. In Bern, you can try Rippli – pork ribs served with bacon, beans and potatoes, and in Zurich Zurcher Eintopf – a kind of hotpot of meat and vegetables. Cakes and biscuits are always a treat in Switzerland, whether you try Basel cookies, made with lots of honey, Apfelkuchlein, a deep-fried apple cookie, or Magenbrot, sweet pieces of bread often sold at street fairs.