Switzerland: Food Guide - Dining Out

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Switzerland Food Guide - Dining Out

Eating out in Switzerland is like taking a tour through much of Europe. With influences from its neighbours – France, Italy and Germany, as well as its own dishes, any holiday in Switzerland will see the holidaymaker enjoying a variety of cuisine.

There are other foreign cuisines available such as Turkish, Arabic and Asian, but these tend to be mostly fast-food-type eateries.

Restaurants in Switzerland often come with a high degree of Swiss kitsch – cowbells and all), but you’ll also find restaurants offering top-quality farm produce and family-run restaurants with village fare that will delight you.

Breakfasts tend to be buffets of cold meats, cheese, eggs and bread.
Snacks at lunchtime will include Bratwurst, Frankfurter and other German sausage.
Eating out in Switzerland is not overly cheap. A set lunch will cost around CHF15, while the same meal in the evening could cost twice as much. In German-speaking cities, look out for beer halls hearty informal meals for around CHF15.

One thing any visitor should try is a cheese fondue. Since they're never eaten alone, fondues are generally priced as a two-person (or more) deal, or as "fondue à discrétion" or "fondue à gogo" (both of which mean "all you can eat").