Switzerland: When to go

A summer and winter sports paradise

Switzerland When to go

June is the ideal month for a tour of Switzerland, followed by either September or October, when the mountain passes are still open. In summer, Switzerland is usually overrun with tourist traffic. Bear in mind that it's most expensive to visit Swiss ski resorts in winter, and slightly less so during the rest of the year. And it's cheaper to visit lakeside towns and Ticino in winter. Cities such as Geneva, Zurich, and Bern don't depend on tourism as a major source of capital, so prices in these cities in Switzerland tend to remain the same all year.

There is really not time when it is not advisable to visit Switzerland, except perhaps November, when the weather is poor and mountain cableways and funiculars close. Autumn is a lovely time in Switzerland, although be aware that some hotels close for the winter in late-September and October.