Sydney: Sightseeing

The Cultural Hub of Australia's East Coast

Sydney and sightseeing go hand in hand but do need a bit of planning, especially if you have time constraints but still want to fit it all in. If you're a first-time visitor, Sydney sightseeing can be quite frustrating. Finding out exactly where to go in only a day or two and how to find places in an orderly and logical manner can be worrying. Guided tours are readily available all across the city, many of the best to be found in the Harbour National Park and Sydney Harbour. These areas offer some of finest views in Sydney and from the harbour you can catch a ferry to the brilliant beaches of Bondi and Manly. If you want history, The Rocks district in Sydney Cove and the museums in Darling Harbour. From The Rocks, Sydney sightseeing should then take you to Circular Quay, passing by the Museum of Contemporary Art where you can view celebrations of the Aboriginal spirit and the newer arts of today.