Sydney: Useful Information

The Cultural Hub of Australia's East Coast

Sydney Useful Information

- Sydney is now home to almost 4 million people - well over half of the state's (NSW) total population of 6.3 million.
- A resident of Sydney is known as a ‘Sydneysider’.
- 70 percent of Sydney residents are a combination of two or more ethnic backgrounds, and over a third (34.5 per cent) were born overseas.
- Sydney enjoys a temperate climate year-round. It has four distinct seasons, with summer running from December to February and winter extending from June to August. Sydney’s sub-tropical climate gives average temperatures ranging from 16°C in the winter months to 26°C in summer.
- Just south of Sydney central is Botany Bay, where Captain James Cook first anchored in 1770. Sydney's southern boundary is marked by the Royal National Park with its wildlife, walking trails and unspoiled beaches.
- Automatic Teller Machines (ATM’s) are available at many places in the city and in restaurants and pubs, offering 24-hour banking.
- Tipping is not the general custom in Australia, with the exception of fine dining restaurants where it is usual to tip food and drink waiters up to 10 per cent of the bill for good service. At any time, however, tipping is your choice.
- The harbour contains over 240km of foreshore and extends over 55sqkm.
- The Sydney metropolitan area's ocean coastline stretches for 60km.
- A total of over 200 nationalities are represented in Sydney's population.
- More than 20 languages are in widespread daily use, but Sydney's major languages are English, Chinese (spoken 5.1 per cent of the population) and Arabic (3.8 per cent).
Indigenous Australians make up just 0.6 per cent (16,242 people) of the city's population.
- The city is a national hub for global industries such as business, financial services, law, telecommunications and the media, and home to more regional and international business headquarters than any other city in Australia.
- The Fish Markets of Sydney rank as the 2nd largest in the world, in terms of variety.
- The standard Australian plug has a flat body, three male parallel blades and a male grounding pin. Many now include an RJ-11 socket.
- Sydney has one of the lowest city population densities and highest standards of living in the world.