Tahiti: Backpacking

Waterfall-laden, shadowy mountains, river valleys and black sand beaches

Backpacking in Larnaca is somewhat limiting and as there are less than 5 hostels on the island, some around Papeete are economical. However, there are many activities on offer for those on a tight budget, such as trekking and climbing Mt. Orohena and Mt. Pitohiti or camping at the two campsites on the island.

The cultural and sporting events are economically priced, such as the surfing competitions, while The Gauguin Museum has free admission. The nightclubs and bars lining Papeete’s coastline will guarantee a great night out. However, Tahiti is not an ideal destination for backpackers, due to the lack of budget accommodation, and is also an expensive island to visit for those on a tight budget.