Tahiti: Cycling Activity Holiday

Waterfall-laden, shadowy mountains, river valleys and black sand beaches

A cycling holiday is the perfect way to view Tahiti at its best. There are a variety of trails in and around Tahiti that touring buses/cars simply cannot access. What’s more, cycling is an option for all standards of cyclist. For more strenuous rides, mountain bike up Tahiti’s peaks, Mt. Orohena and Mt. Pitohiti. For a more leisurely ride, take a coastal cycle trip and view the luminous blue oceans and white beaches, or cycle around Tahiti’s lakes and waterfall areas for captivating views.

For real cycling enthusiasts, there are cycling holidays available, which will take you round Tahiti and the remaining Society Islands. The main area to hire bicycles is on Tahiti’s neighbouring island, Moorea, which is not ideal, however a cycling holiday to Tahiti will be a fantastic experience for all bikers.