Tahiti: Gay and Lesbian

Waterfall-laden, shadowy mountains, river valleys and black sand beaches

The luxurious accommodation, along with the sun kissed secluded coasts and vibrant night life means that if you are in a same sex couple or a single homosexual, you will have a fantastic holiday on this paradise island called Tahiti. This south Polynesian island is not regarded as specifically a gay destination; however, Tahiti is a gay friendly island. Indeed this year, they are promoting the gay scene by holding its first openly gay ‘rainbow party’.

Tahiti is the perfect getaway for gay and lesbian couples who want to spend some quality time together in a relaxed, calm and serene environment. Gay couples may feel more comfortable in Tahiti than at home, due to the friendly and tolerant locals coupled with the calm, tranquil surroundings. In terms of night life there are no clubs that cater exclusively for a gay and lesbian crowd in Tahiti. However, The Piano Bar attracts gay and lesbian residents and tourists at the weekends, doors open at 10pm. Tahiti is an ideal destination for gay and lesbian travellers, and every holidaymaker with have memories of this island that will last for eternity.