Tahiti: Party Holiday - Singles Life

Waterfall-laden, shadowy mountains, river valleys and black sand beaches

Out of all the society isles in south Polynesia, Tahiti is the only place to party through the night. During the week, bars and clubs close after everyone has left, usually between 1 – 2pm, while at the weekend they stay open all night long. The key spot to find nightlife in Tahiti, is the capital, Papeete on the seafront.

There are two key areas where night life takes place, the area surrounding Le Retro and across the road from the ferry wharf and the east side where you can see ‘Club Paradise’. The mild evenings mean that you will be warm while you are on your club/bar/pub crawl. There are about a dozen bars, nightclubs and night cafes in the vicinity all in walking distance of each other, so you can dance the night away until dawn. Singles accommodation in Tahiti is limiting, as there are only four hostels on the island and many hotels have single supplements.