Tahiti: Food and Drink

Waterfall-laden, shadowy mountains, river valleys and black sand beaches

Tahiti is well known for its food and offers a huge range of cuisine that will excite any foodie; there are French, Vietnamese Italian, Polynesian, American, and Chinese foods on offer. While the vibrant all night Cafe also offers a variety of foods to satisfy all palettes, also hotel restaurants have a choice of simple and gourmet food. A meal in a restaurant costs around 6,983 XPF plus the cost of wine.

The national dish is ‘poisson cru raw’, this is fish marinated in lime juice with coconut milk. There is an endless choice of beverages to suit every drinker, and you must taste the native national Tahiti beer called Hinano. The tropical cocktails are delightful, as they are composed of local fruits, while the supermarkets and restaurants also stock French wine at bargain prices.