Tahiti: Costs

Waterfall-laden, shadowy mountains, river valleys and black sand beaches

Tahiti Costs

French Polynesia is one of the most expensive countries in the world. Since all products are imported, transportation charges have to be added to most goods prices. Additional high import taxes worsen this situation. On some products and services, European and US rates can be doubled or tripled.

However, it is possible to minimize your expenses. The easiest is obviously to buy an all inclusive stay. But if you wish to travel freely, note that a housing in a pension in double occupancy will cost you on average 100 USD per night and as much as five times more in a deluxe resort. If you agree to live in harmony with the local inhabitants (to eat a fish dish with rice daily), you will spend a minimum 20 USD a day, not including lodging.

Common rates :

draft beer: 450 XPF
coffee: 220 XPF
sandwich: 350 XPF
meal for 2 in a standard restaurant: 8,000 XPF (wine included)
Papeete / Moorea (one way): 1,200 XPF (by ferry)