Tahiti: Bed and Breakfast

Waterfall-laden, shadowy mountains, river valleys and black sand beaches

In terms of specifically bed and breakfast accommodation, there is a limited range, and many are located near the airport and Papeete, prices range from 8,949.88 XPF to 14,916.47 XPF a day, while the weekly rates range from 59,665.87 XPF to 83,532.22 a week. Due to the sparse amount of guest houses, which tend to have only a few rooms, it is advisable to book in advance, through the internet, calling the owner direct or through your travel operator.

Tahiti’s bed and breakfast accommodation have had mixed reviews. However, Tahiti does have a huge range of hotels and beach resorts, and these offer bed and breakfast options, the beach resorts are highly recommended and the floating hotels, in which you float on in a lagoon area, also have bed and breakfast options. In addition, the some of the hostels in Papeete provide breakfast, however, it is widely thought that the standards of accommodation in Tahiti is erratic and can be fairly pricey compared to other destinations, so you need to budget carefully before your travel to Tahiti.

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