Tahiti: Hostels

Waterfall-laden, shadowy mountains, river valleys and black sand beaches

There are only a handful hostels in Tahiti, so the range is very slim, however, the hostels on offer in Tahiti are fairly highly rated.

There are two hostels on the island, one of which is the Bonjouir Lodge Paradisev, which offers double private rooms, and is located near the surf spot of Teehupo, the hostel is in the centre of the countryside area of Tahiti, so the views and surroundings are absolutely beautiful. The second hostel is located by Tahiti luminous blue coast and white sand beach and is called the Tahiti Hotel a Pueu, it is owned by a family, so you get the personal touch there too. However, it is not that economical to stay in hostels and the locations are not always that great for travellers. However, the hostels do rival hotels in terms of facilities and views from your window. You can book your hostel from specialist websites, make a reservation directly online, or phone the owners to make a reservation.

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