Tahiti: Hotels

Waterfall-laden, shadowy mountains, river valleys and black sand beaches

If you are looking to stay in hotel for your holiday to Tahiti, then this is an ideal option. There are over 10 hotels in Tahiti, the majority have their own private beaches, standing on Tahiti’s coastline ideal for a beach holiday, while a handful are near Papeete and the airport, which is great for a city break and hitting the town. Many hotels have overwater bungalows which is a real Tahitian experience.

Most hotels are pure luxury, with ensuite, air conditioned spacious double rooms, with their own selection of bars and restaurants, with an open air swimming pool. Many of the hotels have their own private beaches, so you do not even need to leave the hotel in order to have a holiday on the beach. The hotels can be booked by specialist websites on the internet, the hotel’s official website, through your tour operator or by ringing the resort direct.

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