Tahiti: Lodges

Waterfall-laden, shadowy mountains, river valleys and black sand beaches

There are a handful of lodges in Tahiti, and is a fantastic way to stay on the island. The lodges really take you back to nature and the elements, as they are located on cliffs overlooking the South Pacific Ocean, or you can rent a room in a lodge near the mountains, right in the heart of nature.

The lodges have quite a basic exterior, and many have traditional reinforced straw roofs and wooden walls, however, inside, the rooms are often well equipped. Many of the lodges have communal kitchens and it is expected that you do your own cooking, as well as finding your way from the airport. However, if you are an independent, adventurous traveller, who wants to get back to nature, staying in one of Tahiti’s authentic lodges is ideal. A lodge that sleeps four costs around 17,303.10 XPF per night, you can book through an independent travel agent on the internet or callemail the owners direct, or make a reservation through your travel operator.

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