Tanzania: Culture and Arts

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Tanzania Culture and Arts

Tanzania's culture and arts scene is unique and mostly localized but is in ascendency. Visitors can expect ebony sculptures, and a painting style known as tingatinga. Singers sing in Swahili. In Dar Es Salaam visit Nyumba Ya Sanaa, the House of Art, where exhibitions, concerts and the ebony market of Mwenge are organized. The architecture here is also of interest as it is an ecelectic mix of Swahili, German, Asian and British influences. Notable structures along the waterfront include the German hospital, Lutheran Church, St. Joseph's Cathedral. You can learn more about the history of the city in the National Museum the feature of which is a 1.7 million year old skull of Nutcracker Man, and the Village Museum which showcases traditional housing and crafts. Dar es Salaam is also home to the Mwalimu Julius K Nyerere Cultural Centre. Arusha is famous for its handicraft shops and Zanzibar for its extravagant homes.