Tanzania: Shopping Holiday

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Tanzania Shopping Holiday

Tanzania offers travellers a wide range of shopping opportunities in the city and town centres. You will find markets that sell African drums, old brass and copper, soapstone figures, handmade chess sets and large wooden carvings of animals or salad bowls fashioned from teak, mninga or ebony. Masai items such as beaded jewellery, decorated gourds and red-checked blankets worn by all Masai men are scooped up as souvenirs. You can also pick up kangas and kikois, which are bright coloured sarongs worn by women and men. In Zanzibar be sure to pick up packets of the famous spices. Another speciality item of Tanzania is Tanzanite, a semi-precious stone which ranges from deep blue to light purple. Shoppers in Tanzania can buy jewellery in the up market curio shops in Arusha and Dar Es Salaam. Typically shops in Tanzania are not open on Sundays.