Tanzania: Cycling - Mountain Biking

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Tanzania Cycling - Mountain Biking

Mountain biking in Tanzania

Mountain biking tours in Tanzania are very popular and a better option than mountain biking alone. Bikers can ride from the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro to the stunning landscapes of the Great Rift Valley. Tanzania’s diversity allows for an incredible range of biking terrain. Mountain biking tours aim to take in the best of Tanzania’s game, national parks, Kilimanjaro and the stunning beaches of Zanzibar. Most mountain biking safaris can be tailored to suit interest and ability. Shorter trips explore northern Tanzania. A moutain biking tour in Tanzania can be booked with ‘Adventure Sport & Leisure', a registered tour operator and the only dedicated mountain biking company operating in Tanzania.

Cycling in Tanzania

Cycling Tanzania’s main roads is not recommended and can be dangerous. Secondary roads are ideal. Country roads attract cyclists for point to point journeys. Bicycles can be rented about 500 per hour, and cycling in Tanzania’s national parks or wildlife reserves is prohibited. In theory bicycles can be brought on public transport but often drivers will refuse to carry them. In Zanzibar you can transport your biccyle by ferry. Cycling tours are also popular and can be booked through the International Bicycle Fund or AfriRoots. Hoopoe Safaris and Summits Africa can both plan luxury cycling in the northern area of Tanzania. Tanzania Bike Safaris is also a good company. Be certain to carry basic supplies, including water, and a spare tire and plenty of patch tubes for your bicycle. Cycling is best done in the early morning or late afternoon and in the dry season (June to September).