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Tanzania Local Travel Info

To and From – Tanzania Airports

Tanzania's primary airport is Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar Es Salaam. Other major airports include Kilimanjaro International Airport, which serves international flights and serves Arusha and Moshi. There is another smaller airport in Arusha which handles only domestic flights. International flights are also available to Zanzibar International Airport, Mwanza Airport, and Mtwara Airport. Air Tanzania is the national airline, but other notable airlines servicing the country include Air India, Air Burundi, Air Kenya, Emirates Airlines, and British Airways. All national parks and some of the top end luxury lodges have air strips. Air travel is a reliable and efficient way to travel from place to place in the country, but although it saves drastically on travel times, it is by far the most expensive option.

Taxis from Tanzania Airport
Taxis in Tanzania can be found at the airports and booked through hotels. Make certain the taxi is licensed and negotiate a price before hand. Taxis from Dar es Salaam airport to the city centre should cost about 5 – 10 euros.

Tanzania By Bus

Public transport is both an efficient and cheap method for getting around Tanzania. Buses run regularly and frequently from Dar es Salaam to Arusha, Morogoro and Moshi. The buses are modern with airconditioning, onboard toilets and refreshments but services are often crowded. Major lines include Scandinavian Express, Dar Express and Royal Coach bus lines fill up quickly on all routes: book at least one day in advance. If you can opt for express buses. Smaller minivans called dala dalas stop off at smaller villages but are the least safest option. Bus travel is an inevitable part of the Tanzania experience for many travellers. Prices are reasonable for the distances covered, and there’s often no other way to reach many destinations.

Tanzania by Rail

Tanzania Railways Corporation provides a service between Dar es Salaam and eastern Tanzania. The line splits at Tabora, one line heads to Kigoma (Lake Tanganyika) and the other to Mwanza on Lake Victoria. Travelers can also travel by train from Dar es Salaam to Kapiri Moshi in Zambia. Trains can be overcrowded and theft is a problem but the journey makes for a good way to experience the scenery if you're not plagued by long delays and break downs.

Tanzania By Car

Car hire firms have offices in Tanzania's central airport in Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania Rent a Car and Avis). The roads between major cities and towns in Tanzania are spacious and well paved. Getting to more remote locations, including Serengeti National Park, involves driving over dirt roads that tend to deteriorate during the rainy season. Roads and junctions are not always well marked. Four-wheel drive vehicles are recommended, and it’s best to make sure you have two spare tires and an operational jack. It is not advisable to drive at night. Cars drive on the left, seat belts are compulsory and all vehicles must carry two red triangles to be placed 20m front and back in the event of a breakdown. A valid national driving license is accepted as long as it is in English. International Driving Permit is not legally required.

Hitchhiking in Tanzania

In Tanzania it is not recommended to hitchhike.

Tanzania by Ferry

Azam Marine and Sea Express are among many other companies at the port in Dar es Salaam, run comfortable, air-conditioned services several times a day between Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar (journey time - 1 hour 30 minutes cost, between Ð