Turkey: Backpacking

Bridging the East and West

Turkey Backpacking

Backpacking holidays in Turkey are popular with a number of European backpackers heading to the country owing to its economic viability and stunning surroundings. Tour companies organize backpacking trips, or you can form a group of your own and set of on an individual backpacking holiday in Turkey.

Interesting areas for a backpacking holiday in Turkey include Ephesus as a well conserved ancient Greek city, Pamukkale and Cappadocia with the world famous calcium deposits and thermal baths amongst Greek and Roman ruins, the cities of Millet, Priene, Didium and Kusadasi for their fascinating landscapes and ruins. Most travelers being their backpacking holiday in Turkey from Istanbul. Many backpackers spend 4 to 5 days in Istanbul itself, witnessing the culmination of two cultures in its architecture, museums and palaces.

Other areas popular for backpacking holidays in Turkey are the Kapei Mountains which are reached by foot from a small fishing village called Cumyuva, Cedelma which is a small mountain village in the middle of the Tahtalı Mountain chain among others. A backpacking holiday in Turkey is safe. Follow normal rules. Carry enough rations for long trips into the wilderness. Turkey scores 7 on 10 as a backpacking holiday destination.