Turkey: Camping

Bridging the East and West

Turkey Camping

A camping holiday in Turkey is an interesting experience. The facilities available at most campsites are basic but the entire experience of camping is a whole lot of fun. Campsites locations and amenities vary greatly, from a basic field to fully equipped sites. Charges fluctuate accordingly, running from YTL4.50 to 15 ($3 to 10) per night per tent. Most campsites have permanent tents equipped with the essentials. There are some beautiful locations for a camping holiday in Turkey and many places where camping is dictated, either by the natural beauty of the landscape or by the lack of any other choice. This is especially true of the Aegean coast, where camping is the ultimate way to enjoy undeveloped but idyllic scenic surroundings. A camping holiday in Turkey in the wilds of the Kackar or Toros mountains is catching on. The Area of Kas near Antalya is popular for a camping holiday in Turkey. There are no safety hazards as such. Keep your wits about you, and you will enjoy your camping holiday in Turkey. As a camping holiday destination, Turkey scores 5 on 10.