Turkey: Disabled Needs

Bridging the East and West

Turkey Disabled Needs

Turkey is not very well equipped as a destination for a holiday for disabled in Turkey, compared to other European countries. Facilities for disabled are still in their infancy and much more development is required to make it a disabled friendly country. From an accommodation point of view, hotels do provide specialized accommodation for a holiday for disabled in Turkey but make enquiries before hand. Many tour companies organize special tours for disabled people in Turkey and these are perhaps the best option for tourists on a holiday for disabled in Turkey. From accommodation, transport, meals and sightseeing, everything is taken care of as per the traveler’s requirements and needs. Individual travel is not recommended. If you are traveling in a group or with a companion it will be easier. Public transport is not disabled friendly as yet. A few of the newer buses accommodate people with disabilities but majority of the transport in Turkey is not equipped. Taxis or rented cars are you r best option to travel around in. most museums and palaces have easy entrances and are not a problem for disabled people to tour, but some of the archaeological sites and ruins are inaccessible for disabled travelers. Turkey scores 4 on 10 as a destination for a disabled friendly holiday.