Turkey: Family Holiday

Bridging the East and West

Turkey Family Holiday

For family holiday in Turkey, there are lots of options in terms of activities for the entire family. Istanbul is the culture capital of Turkey and a family holiday is all about sightseeing, shopping and indulging in some authentic Turkish food. For children, it can be quite a learning experience. The St. Sophia Museum which was once a church, then a mosque, and later turned into a museum, oozes rich Turkish history and culture. With some stunning architecture and artifacts, this museum is a highlight of Istanbul .The Topkapi Palace is another interesting place for the entire family. If you are looking for something more adventurous while on your family holiday in Turkey head to Bodrum, home to some of the best water sports in Turkey. A major hit for the entire family, Bodrum is filled with activities for everyone from jet skiing, snorkeling, fishing, swimming, parasailing, canoeing and lots more. If you want to relax and soak in the sun, the beaches are just for you. For a healthy holiday experience head to Pamukkale which is an unusual natural and historic site, and often referred to as the 8th wonder of the World by Turkish people. During your family holiday in Turkey, head to Izmir to the Aqua Fantasy Resort, Turkey's biggest themed water park, comprising 100,000 sq m of slides, wave pools, waterfalls and rides, near Selcuk on Turkey's Mediterranean coast. It is a Mecca for water babies and thrill seekers - the wave pools feature ten different kinds of waves and the slides have such evocative names as Anaconda, Black Thunder and Screamer. Turkey scores 8 on 10 as a destination for a family holiday.