Turkey: Wine Tasting Holiday

Bridging the East and West

A wine tasting holiday in Turkey takes tourists to the heart of Anatolia which is the center of wine production in the country. The main wine production centers are Ankara, Goreme and Yozgat in mid-Anatolia; Tekirdag, Murefte. Sarkoy, Marmara Island and Avsa Island in the Marmara Region; Bozcaada, Izmir, Sirince, Denizli, Guney and Sal in the Aegean Region. In Anatolia, which is known as the land of wine, it is inexpensive and delicious. On a wine tasting holiday in Turkey, tourists can tour the regions that grow vineries and witness the making of the wine. Many tour operators organize wine tasting holidays in Turkey. Packages include touring of several vineries in the Anatolia and Cappadocia region. Turkey scores 6 on 10 as a wine tasting holiday destination.