Turkey: Mountain Climbing

Bridging the East and West

Turkey Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing in Turkey is a popular adventure sport. Turkey has several mountains spanning across the breadth of inland Turkey which are great for mountain climbing. There are a number of tour operators that offer mountain climbing in Turkey. A few regular spots for mountain climbing in Turkey include Mount Erciyes which is located in Central Anatolia in the heart of Turkey and is surrounded by valleys to the north and south and marshes to the west. Mount Erciyes is actually a dormant volcano and stands at 3917m providing a great mountain climbing experience. Mountain climbers usually approach Mount Erciyes from the South or North West where the going is easier. Mount Ararat is another dormant volcano popular with mountain climbers in Turkey. It is situated in the South East of Turkey and borders Armenia and Iran. Mount Uludoruk lies in the Cilo-Sat Mountains in South East Turkey and stands at an altitude of 4136m and is a popular mountain climbing destination in the area. Mountain climbing in these mountains gives one the opportunity to experience Turkey’s most formidable glaciers.