Turkey: Shopping

Bridging the East and West

Shopping in Turkey is a unique experience with a wide range of antique and beautiful crafts available there. Each region in Turkey is famed for some special craft. To make the most of your shopping experience head to the authentic bazaars, rug and kilim workshops besides other traditional handicraft centers that offer some of the best Turkish shopping. The most well-known shopping areas and centers in Istanbul are Kapali Carsi, the Grand Covered Bazaar of Istanbul and the Spice Bazaar. Bargaining is a must and a sort of activity at the bazaars! Shopping at malls and supermarkets have nothing unique to them and are more frequented by the locals. But the local markets are the treasure troves where you can shop for nearly any and everything possible. Turkey is also popular as a destination for cheap knock-offs. Popular clothing brands are replicated just like the originals and sold for hardly another! Sometimes you might manage to pick up things that pass off as the original itself! Turkey is famous for its carpets, and Anatolia is the place to head to for buying carpets.