Turkey: Sightseeing

Bridging the East and West

Turkey Sightseeing

Turkey is all about sightseeing. Aptly located in the midst of two continents has made Turkey a culturally, historically and traditionally rich country. With so much to see and do, sightseeing in Turkey is the most followed tourist activity. Istanbul is home to some of the best mosques and museums in the world. Sightseeing in Turkey will take you to the archaeological ruins of the country that have so much history attached to them. While sightseeing in Turkey, a few places that are a must-visit include the Blue Mosque, the St. Sophia Museum, the Topkapi Palace, the Keriye Museum, the Goreme Open Air Museum, the Pammukale Springs, the ruins of Cappadocia, the Mausoleum at Bodrum and the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus.