Turkey: Costs

Bridging the East and West

Turkey Costs

Turkey is an economical holiday destination for most Europeans and Americans. Compared to other Middle Eastern countries, it is more expensive. Costs in Turkey are not fixed, and go up during season time. Daily travel by public transport will come to YTL15 to 30 ($9.70 to 20). For accommodation expect to pay a minimum of YTL40 to 60 ($26 to 39) during season for basic accommodation. For a deluxe holiday, expect to pay a minimum of YTL300 ($195) a day. Food is not very expensive in Turkey and a meal for two, complete with alcohol and dessert at a medium priced restaurant will come to YTL50 to 80 ($32 to 50). Cheaper options are easily available where you will pay not more than YTL20 ($12) for a meal.